History of the Women's Resource Center

As a student affairs department the UNM WRC believes that learning takes place both inside and outside of the classroom. To this end, the WRC works in partnership with academic units to enhance the UNM experience. The WRC is dedicated to offering a variety of learning opportunities through its programming and services. The WRC maintains a particularly close relationship with the UNM Women Studies Program. Women Studies offers an interdisciplinary major or minor through coursework that examines the diverse cultural, historical, and social experiences of women.

In 1972 a collective of faculty, graduate students, and community members contributed to founding the UNM Women's Resource Center. Since then we have continued to educate, support, and provide a safe space for women on campus through cultural and educational programming.

The UNM Women's Resource center has been and continues to be an advocate for women on campus and in the community promoting the establishment and enforcement of policies and procedures which address issues of institutionalized sexism & racism, sexual harassment, and all other forms of discrimination in the classroom, on campus, and beyond.

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